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machinon is:

  • an Open Architecture DIY PLC miniBMS

  • a super controller for your own projects

  • a mini Building energy Management System

  • a PLC I/O extension board

  • independent of Internet, beyond the Cloud

  • freedom of privacy

  • designed for Raspberry Pi

Open DIY PLC & Building Management System

machinon is an Open Architecture DIY PLC & Building Automation device with interoperability at its core.

You want to integrate within an industrial or domestic environment, you can now!

Heavy Duty

Full Privacy

Lack of Internet privacy is like living in a glass house in the middle of a city.

Your privacy is your family, your business, your IP, your safety. 


machinon believes Internet and Cloud services are tools and should be used as such, not as a core operation system.

Full Freedom

Upgrading and Scaling

Freedom of privacy to own your data, your cameras, your events, your routines. All of it stays at home with you where it belongs.

Freedom of upgrading and scaling your own Building Management System or PLC control without any red tape, with open architecture & protocols.

Freedom to change, use, modify any software you want on the popular Intel UpBoard or Raspberry Pi without compromising the hardware underneath.


Freedom of ownership, own your Control System without ties, contracts or locked in to any hardware & software vendor.

machinon uses Open Source software on its Host computer so you can use, modify and influence its usage and future

In order to interface with the real world, you need to sense the work fast and accurately. machinon does that for you

Easy Interface

machinon_box2 copy.png

The interface is easy for anyone to operate it, yet advanced enough to let you do very complex algorithms too. machinon also brings a lot of power to the edge [edge computing]. Having cloud power is good, and when we talk about automation, having it at the edge is even better!

You want things to happen fast, in real time and most importantly, if the network is down, your home will still operate. 


Having an open architecture means you truly own the system, you have the freedom to install any software and  scale the hardware as you want,  giving you freedom of choice and full ownership 


What really makes great Hardware great, is even greater Software. 

Custom Events
Rule Engine
Data Logging
Push & Email Notifications
Interactive Floor Plan 
Much More

machinon's vision is to be compatible with easy and powerful Open Soure Automation software like Domoticz, Home Assistant, OpenHab... Out of the box we selected Domoticz for its easiness to operate, very lightweight application and extremely powerful scripting rule engine.

The interface to Machinon hardware is done via the Host board UART and SPI interface using MySensors commands. Simple for any software to talk to it, and best of all, you do not have to worry about accuracy, precision, interrupts or even setting up hardware I/Os. All that has been done for you via UI. 


machinon is an independent Smart extension board for the Intel Raspberry Pi, resulting into an advanced DIY PLC & Building Energy Management System controller. 

X 1

LCD display

X 1

High accuracy Frequency Input

X 1

Real Time Clock 

X 2

Atmel Xmega processors

X 16

Isolated Digital Inputs

X 8

Analogue Inputs

X 16

Digital input status LEDs

X 6

CT Rogowski coil inputs 

X 1

RS485 interface

X 4

Generic status LED

X 16

Digital Output status LEDs

X 16

Digital Outputs (open drain)


The I/Os have been designed with industrial tolerance in mind. Even if it ends up in a home, it has to last many years. 


All of the I/Os have protection and in particular the Inputs are opto-isolated so your Host computer does not get damaged ever. 


The power supply input accepts industrial standard wide input from 10Vdc to 24Vdc

The analogue inputs have a 14 bit resolution compatible with Vdc and mA signals


​The most exciting part of machinon's I/Os is that all of the Inputs and Outputs are Smart I/Os. What is a Smart I/O?

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