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About machinon

[/mə’ʃi:non/ ] means machine on, always ON.


Its design takes after Hal 9000 from 2001 Space Odyssey. An independent control computer.

- (without the evil part)



The project started about 2015 as hobby, after many ‘Smart Home Hubs’, we become disillusioned with their performance and stability.  In life everything has a reference point, and each reference point is different for each person.

Having worked over twenty years in Industrial environments and the last decade with industrial IoT for the Renewable & New Energy sector, the domestic level was missing some serious industrial edge. 


After a few attempts to fix this with different modules and hats for the Raspberry Pi, some progress was done, and although stability was increased… the accuracy, precision and scalability was not there. Somehow solutions felt temporary.

With the help of Logic Energy’s technical team, Machinon become a pet project on the side, something to experiment and see different options and uses within the domestic and industrial environment.

In 2018 Machinon was demonstrated in Last Vegas Amazon AWS re:invent at Intel’s booth for a Demand Frequency Response demonstration. 


Today, machinon has been used on some community and light industrial projects. It is not an "off the shelf" product and manufatured only when needed.

If you have interest on an OEM version, just send me an email via the Contact Us page. 

The hope for Machinon is to become a hybrid of Community and Enterprise solution for Software and Hardware. 

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