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Roller blinds with machinon & domoticz

Playing with Node-Red integration. Below is a quick test done with Node-Red, the interesting thing is that the digital outputs are switched one after another and not all of them at once... for a web service app, pretty fast uh!?All work and no play makes Ed a dull boy

I also have been busy tinkering with a new roller blind motor from Raex. The guys at Becker motors have been great at helping out find the right size of the motor to retro-fit into a window blind.

In case you wonder, it is quite simple. Make sure to measure the inner size of the tube on its widest and smallest diameter. Also it doesn't harm to take a picture of the original piece that was inside the tube and send it to Becker.

A few days later I received the motor with all the adapters to fit inside the roller pipe

Obviously I had to do the a silly mistake, ignore the instructions that came with the motor and forget to put the screw one to hold the plastic adapter in place with the motor. It took me forever to get the bloody thing out of the tube!!

Paul, from Becker motors mentioned these were quite quiet motors... in case you wonder, here is a quick video. They are very quiet indeed!

Raex can be wired in many ways, using its own remote controllers, which some of them have dry contact interface, also you can use wireless protocols like RFXCom which I'm big fan of. Mostly because it just works out of the box. In this case I have been experimenting with the machinon I/Os and the motor directly (which I do not advice you to do!)

So what all this looks when hooked up together? Pretty fancy stuff, see below machinon running with Domoticz and a skin developed by its great community

Hopefully in the next week or so to update everyone with potential community prices for the machinon manufacturing. I'm just waiting a few EA (electronic assemblers) to give me some quotes. Will share when they arrive - In the meantime, please share this page with people you think it may be interested in machinon. In order to achieve a fantastic community price, we need a fair bit of volume.

In the meantime, any questions... I'll happy to answer them.

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1 Comment

David Wallis
David Wallis
Feb 18, 2019

Looks good, how much was the motor and how did you connect it?

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