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What can you do with machinon?

Now that the first units are arriving to their new owners, I'm starting to get asked what things can do machinon, in particular with Domoticz (thanks Gabriel for raising the 1st question).

I personally use it as a central hub for the home, however it is true that I use it more as a mini BeMS system than a smart home hub. BeMS = Building energy Management System. I monitor energy, electrical subcircuits, heating and pretty much anything that is related to energy.

I also have been asked why the machinon has COM terminals and these were not joined internally to a common GND. Well, it is common practice on industrial PLCs to have COM terminals so you can use different types of inputs within the same unit.

There's a lot more information updated now on GitHub:

and the cool machinon theme for Domoticz is fixed! thanks to the great effort of DewGew and landaisbenj , and of course the Domoticz community!

If you are curious about what can be done with machinon or a mini BeMS system, feel free to leave a comment with your question and I'll do my best to answer it.

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