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Open Software
  • Floorplans and Timerplans

  • Powerful event and rule engine​​:                   

GUI Blocky


LUA & DZvents

PHP and more

  • Push notifications

  • Reporting and data logging

  • Custom themes and dashboard

  • IP camera support

  • MQTT

  • Extensive API

  • Many Hardware protocols:

Z-vawe, EnOcean, Modbus...

  • Daisy-chain multiple machinon 

What really makes great Hardware great, is even greater Software. 

machinon's vision is to be compatible with the most popular Open Source Home Automation and Control software on the Internet (OpenHAB, HomeAssistant, HomeGenie, Pimatic to mention a few). However one had to be selected to provide a seamless experience out of the box.

For its easiness of setup and powerful editable Rule Engine, Domoticz was selected.


Domoticz is very light, really stable and super user friendly. Once it is running, there's no need to write a single line of code or make a configuration file (you still can if you wish). Add to it that it has a big list of compatibility devices and protocols, including but not limited to:

  • Z-Wave

  • 433Mhz (RFXCom, RFLink & Rtl433 SDR)

  • EnOcean

  • Evohome & Honeywell Thermostat

  • Logitech Harmony, Kodi

  • MySensors

  • Nest, Tado, Netatmo, OpenTherm

  • Philips HUE, YeeLight

  • Xiaomi

  • MQTT

  • I2C, 1 wire

  • SolarEdge

  • Make sure to their Wiki and Forum

Domoticz User Interface

Domoticz User Interface is simple and lightweight, this is what allows its Community to heavily customise its appearance, add Dashboards and customise floorplans and pages.


Below some examples of the machinon theme built by the Domoticz community, you can check it out on GitHub and follow on the forum


Floorplan, Roomplan, Timerplans... Domoticz has them all.
Create a Roomplan of your house or business and overlay its sensors over any image you want: your home, a complex boiler system, anything you want!

- Did I mention all with a GUI and not a single line of code?

Timerplans are there too, your schedules are different from Summer, Winter or even Holiday mode. Domoticz has it all built-in

 Setup Events.png
Custom Events & Rule Engine

The real beauty of a Smart Home system is when things happen without human intervention, Domoticz allows you to create complex Event & Rule handles for every situation you need. IFTTT on a much higher level and running locally!

Best of all, you don't need to be a coder.

Create your own rules with a drag & drop interface. 

Powerful, really powerful

Domoticz is really simple to use, however its simplicity comes accompanied by very powerful tools.

IDE Scripting tool built-in, whether is LUA, Python, DzVents... Domoticz has it.

You need some PHP and Shell scripting? That works too

Event and scripting builtin system.png
Reporting, Custom settings, Data logging and much more...

Automation and Control is at the center of any Smart Home, however each home has its individual needs and interests. This is why Domoticz has built-in data logging and reporting.

You can visualise your historical energy consumption hourly, daily or even looks at Year on Year statistics and cost.

Themes and dashboards

Every Home is unique because of their owners, so a Smart Home should be too. Domoticz has a very highly customisable interface supported by the Community, be it a Dashboard, a custom skin theme or even a full custom brand new page.

Below two examples of really nice work done by the Domoticz Community, make sure to check their Forums and Wiki as new features and themes are added all the time. 

Aurora theme

Aurora theme has been desgined and made by Tijmen Schep, you can find more details on the Wiki and Forum.

Aurora is a very highly customisable interface for Domoticz, there's very little you cannot do with it. Just be prepared to have lots of fun adjusting it!

Dashticz v2

Dashticz is very customisable front page for your Smart Home. Thinking about having a tablet on the wall showing key important messages and infomation or even use it in a Magic Mirror?

Dashticz is here to do that, it is extremely flexible and there’s almost no limit to the information you can add to it, wether it comes from your Smart Home or externally (ie: weather, traffic…). You will need this time a bit of file editing to really own Dashticz

All this thanks to Rob Geerts work

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